Macbook USB-C Replacement

Macbook USB-C Replacement

All of a sudden my Macbook (12", 2017) stopped being able to read flash drives (through a dongle since it only has USB-C). So I followed various directions on how to restart and reset the port, reset nvram, etc. None of that worked and after one restart it wouldn’t even recognize the charger (USB-C)! I rebooted one last time and it didn’t turn back on at all…

I waited a bit, tried again, but nothing worked it wouldn’t boot nor provide any signal it was even still alive.

Since the USB-C port is what experienced issues first, I rolled some dice, opened the laptop up to poke around and ordered a new USB-C port from IFIXIT ($30). My dice roll wasn’t the best — I accidentally snapped the trackpad/keyboard ribbon cable ($10 for a replacement on Amazon). But, once I got both parts I was able to follow the steps on IFIXIT and get the computer running again. Be careful, but it’s not a hard repair. Again, I narrowed it down to the USB-C port since that’s what acted up first.

Good luck, be careful, and I take no responsibility if this doesn’t work or if you brick your machine (it’s easy to break). And please try software fixes before ripping the machine apart!

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