It's hard to recruit top candidates, especially at a startup. ExpressAI makes that easier by using ChatGPT for recruiting messages. ExpressAI is a chrome extension that reads a potential candidate's LinkedIn profile, reads your job description, and generates a personalized InMail messsage meant to stand out in your prospect's LinkedIn inbox.

Using AI to Create Attention-Grabbing Outreach Messages
Discover how using AI technology, like ExpressAI, can help you create attention-grabbing, personalized outreach messages that resonate with job candidates.

The pain of attracting top-teir talent is most accute for startup founders. Your startup might not have widespread name recognition, but ExpressAI lets you stand out by doing what startups do best - being creative and getting in front of people who matter. With ExpressAI your outreach messages stand out in the LinkedIn Inmail inboxes of top talent.