Get Github Emails - Limitations

Get Github Emails

The Chrome Extension that Pulls Developer Emails from Github as you Browse

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* Limitations:

  • We are not able to pull an email address for every Github account. But we seemingly can pull email addresses for 75%+ of active accounts that have been on for at least a couple years. Accounts with little history/activity probably can't be processed. But why would you reach out to an inactive account anyways?
  • Pulling "top contributors" may be limited to 25 at a time to avoid hitting Github limits
  • We may throttle or propose throttle around 50 accounts an hour per user to avoid hitting Github limits. Overuse at your own risk.
  • We kindly request that you not spam people - this is intended to help indie-hackers and small-scale recruiters who don't have thousands to spend on lists of email addresses
  • Expected Delivery Date (assuming 10+ pre-orders): August 20, 2023
  • You can use your license on 3 computers simultaneously but don't abuse it. We reserve the right to revoke licenses used on too many.
  • Lifetime access to Get Github Emails does not grant access to other products like ExpressAI.
  • Get Github Emails is sold as-is, with no guarantee of indefinite updates. At my sole discretion, future updates may be made.

Contact Github Accounts easier than ever before with Get Github Emails

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Lifetime Access if You Pre-order Today*